Become a Reseller of Dogs In The Workplace™

Business and insurance company reselling programs available. Help us spread the dog safety love!

White Label Programs for Businesses

White Label the Dogs In The Workplace™ program under your company’s name and sell it to businesses and retailers in your area and through your networks. Any company that allows dogs on their business premise or any company who has employees that come into contact with dogs, is a potential customer. Built in residual revenue comes from annual recertifications. Additionally, hire yourself out for program management consulting, and if you’re a professional dog trainer, you can sell on-site reward based dog training too.

This program is a great upsell for many existing businesses. Just drive customers into our website, which automatically credits you with sales. It’s easy and there’s no need for printed sales materials. Sell as an independent rep or manage sales people underneath your account. Contact us for more information on commission fees and earning potential.

Get Pet-Friendly Certified Shelter puppy

Little Shelter Dog

White Label Programs for Insurance Companies

Insurance companies can White Label the Dogs in the Workplace™ program as their own and provide to business customers at no cost or with a fee. Underwrite the program with your own insurance products after customers get certified. Reduces the risk of claims with dogs in the workplace and with companies whose employees come into contact with dogs on a regular basis, such as delivery companies, landscapers, maintenance people, utility companies, policemen, firemen, etc.

Easy to manage. Annual recertification keeps content fresh in customer’s minds, thereby continuing to keep liability risk low.

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