Do your employees come into contact with dogs?

Education, training, dog bite prevention, and certification for businesses who allow dogs in the workplace or have employees who encounter dogs while on the job

Dogs in hotels

For Hotels & Travel Industry

Train staff members how to better handle customers traveling with their dogs.

Dogs in the Workplace

For Offices

Help reduce the liability of dogs in your office with a program for all employees and managers. Online training educates and certifies, whether they’re bringing a dog to work or not.

Dogs in Restaurants

For Restaurants

Customers want to go out to eat with their dog, but your staff needs to be properly trained in how to handle dogs in your restaurant, brewery, or coffee shop.

SAFE Dog Bite Prevention

SAFE™ Dog Bite Prevention

Any dog can bite. Teach your employees dog bite prevention and how to properly meet a dog.

Get Pet-Friendly Online Training

Online Training & Education

E-learning courses developed to produce SAFE and dog friendly businesses with responsible pet owners

Our professionally developed online training courses cover how to implement and manage a successful and safe, Dogs in the Workplace program. Designed for managers and team members with and without a dog, your staff will learn everything from dog bite prevention to how to be a responsible pet owner at work, while reducing your company’s liability and chances for a lawsuit.

The Dogs in the Workplace program is perfect for retail stores, hotels, restaurants, breweries, property management companies, offices, airlines, transportation companies, and any company or municipality who has employees that come into contact with dogs. Individual team members are certified as “Compliant and Workplace Ready” with successful completion of the program.

Coming Soon: Insurance Discounts

Certification qualifies businesses for discounts on workman’s comp and liability policies

An educated staff makes a safer workplace when dogs are allowed on the premise. Coming soon, when businesses and organizations have their employees and staff successfully complete the Dogs In The Workplace program and become certified as “Compliant and Workplace Ready,” the business will be eligible for discounts on their workman’s compensation and liability policies.

In addition, companies will also have the ability to purchase group pet health care plans for their employees’ pets, to show their true commitment to being a pet friendly workplace.

Pet Liability Insurance Discounts
Cognitive Assessment for Dogs

Functional Assessment Tracking of Each Participating Dog

Cognitive, social, and physiological testing and tracking of individual dogs to help them interact in the workplace

Certification is not only available for human team members, it’s also available for individuals dogs. Dog owners answer questions with an easy at-home online questionnaire about how their dogs interact with people, places, and other dogs, which forms a detailed functional assessment. The test identifies problem areas for interaction in a dog friendly world and workplace.

Based on the answers given and the score computed, you as the business owner or Dogs In The Workplace program manger, can decide on an individual basis whether or not a dog will be allowed to come to work with its owner. It’s not personal, it’s scientific, which eliminates hurt feelings when one dog is given permission to participate and another is not. For certain problems or sensitivities identified in the testing process, our system gives dog owners online training exercises to help address these issues.

Testing for certification and participation is completed annually by the dog owner to track any health or behavioral changes in their dog. Information is easily shared with the HR department or Dogs In The Workplace program manger, in addition to the dog’s caregivers and veterinarian through the system’s portal. It allows those who will interact with that dog know what this individual likes and doesn’t like, to make the workplace more relaxed and safer for everyone.

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