Dog Liability Insurance That Doesn’t Discriminate

We know insurance and we love dogs. Our number one goal is to keep your beloved furry family member, with you, at home. Regardless of the breed of dog that you own or the situation you are currently facing, we can help. Dogsurance and Doggone Good Insurance have teamed to provide you with dog liability insurance that can help you regain peace of mind that you are protected. We are a one stop shop for animal liability insurance, breed friendly homeowners insurance, and home insurance after a liability claim. We’re got you covered!

For Dog Owners

Travel with your dog and have peace of mind that your insurance policy will protect you.

Get Pet-Friendly Owners

For Home Owners

Comprehensive policies that protect home owners, regardless of the breed of dog your family owns.

SAFE Dog Bite Prevention

For Renters

Insurance for dog owners who rent, that also covers landlords and property management companies.

Our Dog Liability Insurance Covers ALL Breeds of Dogs, Including:

Pit Bulls & Staffordshire Terriers


German Shepherds

Doberman Pinschers

Presa Canarios


Great Danes


Alaskan Malamutes

Siberian Huskies

Get the Insurance Coverage You Need For Your Dog

Each year, more than $700 million is paid out in dog bite and dog injury related claims. Unfortunately, even the most cared for, loved, and well-trained dogs can cause an accident. Your home owners insurance may not provide you the proper coverage for injuries caused by your dog, resulting in out-of-pocket medical and legal expenses.

Our dog bite and dog liability insurance offers broad coverage, is available in all states, is not breed exclusive, is available AFTER a liability claim when the dog is still in the home, and is quick and easy to obtain. While many insurance companies limit dog bite insurance coverage, we will provide you with the coverage you need.

If you are a renter, many landlords and property management companies discriminate against dog owners of certain breeds of dogs. Our dog liability policies can include your property management company or landlord as an additional insured, offering peace of mind to a property owner when renting to you.

Be a responsible pet owner and protect yourself against liability issues related to your family dog. Get a free quote today.

Dog at Pet-Friendly Beach

We also insure animal shelters and rescues, pet sitters, dog trainers, dog walkers, groomers, and other pet related businesses

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